Decisive, Data-Driven Decisions

After living in Everett, Renton, and Seattle’s University and Central Districts, Adam and his wife moved to Mercer Island because of its excellent schools, spacious and safe neighborhoods, its beautiful and clean parks, and the accessibility to the greater Puget Sound region that its central location provides. As this pandemic winds down, they both are looking forward to getting more involved with the community in which they live.

Growing up working on the family farm in the Midwest the son of two educators, he learned to appreciate the value of hard work, good environmental stewardship, and excellent schools. While his background focuses on the aerospace industry, he also has firsthand experience with utility right-of-way and route design, soil conservation, airport land-use permitting, tree law, renewable energy, and administrative law proceedings.

Adam earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees, all in Aerospace Engineering, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Currently employed as an Aerospace Systems Engineer, one of Adam’s important tasks at work is to bring together a broad variety of viewpoints and to craft a timely solution that is beneficial to all – this experience will be directly applicable to a city council position.

“Great synergies can be achieved by bringing a science-based viewpoint and additional analytical background to the City Council.”

Adam’s passions as a city council member would focus around keeping our parks beautiful, healthy, and accessible, keeping our schools well-funded, and supporting the residential character of Mercer Island. He is a strong proponent of making decisive data-driven decisions to avoid analysis paralysis and its associated costs and inaction.

As a councilmember, Adam would help advocate for maintaining sufficient Police and Fire services and promote efficiency before proposing any tax increase or outsourcing of service, especially given the recent spate of car prowls in the area. Personal views aside, he believes it is a City Councilmember’s job to listen to and represent their constituents, and thus Adam pledges to hear every island resident who wishes to be heard, even in the cases where their personal beliefs may differ from his.

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