Helping Mercer Island Thrive

My passions as a city council member would focus around keeping Mercer Island’s parks beautiful, healthy, and accessible, keeping public infrastructure well-funded, and supporting the residential character of Mercer Island. I am a strong proponent of making decisive data-driven decisions to avoid analysis paralysis and its associated costs and inaction.


Mercer Island’s parks, simply put, are a wonderful treasure. I will work to ensure that they remain clean, well-maintained, accessible, and unencumbered by any future developments. I try to enjoy them a few times a week


Growing up as the son of two educators, I strongly appreciate the value of good schools. I was lucky enough to attend good schools for K-12, and Mercer Island’s top-notch schools and services for its students are one of the reasons for which my wife and I moved to Mercer Island. I will work to make sure that money that could be used for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services is not paid to consultants for study after study.

Residential Character

Having grown up in the Midwest, I can appreciate the benefits of well-spaced residences. The plentiful amounts of large trees on the island are both beautiful and essential to the health of the environment. I believe the residential character of Mercer Island is truly unique, and as a Councilmember I will work to preserve that character.


With the recent spate of car prowls on the north side of the city and the concerns held by some residents about a possible increase in crime in the future, I would advocate for budgets that would allow the City to attract and retain good public service employees. While I applaud the City Council’s efforts to maintain a balanced budget, the data I have reviewed do not support the adoption of contractual fire services, as “[t]he City of Mercer Island will lose local control of future cost increases,” “[s]alaries tend to be higher in Bellevue,” “[t]here may be increased apparatus maintenance costs,” and “[t]here would be no operational efficiencies gained and, possibly, some lost [in partnering with Eastside Fire & Rescue].” (Fire Services Study, Mercer Island, Washington, Final Report, September 2020).


While I have my personal passions and opinions, I believe it is a city council member’s job to listen to and represent their constituents, and thus I pledge to hear every island resident who wishes to be heard, even in the cases where our personal beliefs may differ.